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Autobahn DX

Batch OCR and Conversion Server Solution

Fast, high-volume batch OCR and PDF conversion to searchable PDFs for Windows servers. Process thousands of documents at once, or create a workflow to automatically convert and OCR new documents.
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Autobahn DX is used by many enterprises across the globe for large-scale and bulk projects. Our solution also offers hot folder capabilities, enabling your team to get on with their jobs, while our software does the rest.


Automated OCR Workflows

Our OCR engine has been continually improved over 15+ years and leverages AI, document layout analysis, and NLP technologies to accurately identify text in documents.

Convert 100+ File Types

Convert 100+ document types to PDF and unlock data with an OCR engine powered by heuristics, mathematics, and AI.

High-Quality Compression

Compress PDF files with an industry-leading compression engine that uses adaptive document learning and compression algorithms to significantly reduce the size of your files.

Split and Merge

Automatically merge or separate documents based on the number of pages, barcodes, or scripted rules. Extract and organize data quickly.

Smart Redaction

Permanently redact and remove sensitive information like emails, names, or phone numbers in your documents. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and a document understanding engine, you can automatically recognize sensitive information in a document and mark it for redaction.

Key-Value Pair Extraction

Automatically detect and extract key-value pairs from unstructured documents or images. Leveraging AI, ML, and adaptive layout understanding, you can automatically label and extract information such as phone numbers, IBANs, credit cards, names, and email addresses.

Archiving and PDF/A Support

Convert PDFs into long-term veraPDF- and ISO-compliant documents. Complies with three of the ISO standards (PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3) and works with “born digital” documents like MS Word, TIFF, and PDF files.

Barcode Recognition

Detect barcodes in TIFF and PDF files to enable document separation and/or addition of metadata. Split and rename files by barcodes. Make use of various reading options for barcode types. Specify the page where you want to start or end recognizing a barcode.

Integration with Azure and SharePoint

Azure and SharePoint are supported as a document target destination (Azure/SharePoint/Office 365 upload) and as a source (Azure/SharePoint/Office 365 download). This allows Azure/SharePoint document libraries to be populated directly from Autobahn DX jobs.

Additional Capabilities

Autobahn DX supports ultra-high performance for up to 64 cores.
Scheduled features can automatically pick up and process your files, giving you the chance to get on with your job while we do the rest.
We give you a simple user interface to run your jobs, and the Job Designer allows you to create custom jobs from a range of premade steps.
Use the Autobahn .NET API to create custom scripts that can be used within Autobahn.
Make your documents searchable with our built-in standard or extended OCR engine. We apply a hidden text layer on your files to make them searchable.

We support up to 23 languages with our standard engine, and more than 120 different languages with our extended engine — including Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

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License Comparison Table

Edition Comparison Work Station Server with standard OCR Server with extended OCR
OCR Image Only PDF
Convert MS Office & Open Files to PDF
Split/Merge PDF Files
Extract Text from PDF Files
Set PDF Properties
Pre-Processing (Deskew, Despeckle, Line Removal) and Auto-Rotation
Language support 23 23 129
TXT, RTF & HTML Output options
Advanced MRC & JBIG2 Compression on output PDFs
Processing Source PDFs with Passwords <