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Searchlight Suite

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With the exception of the OCR SDK, Aquaforest products are simply licensed on a per-installation basis. Typically this just means that one license is required for each machine on which the software is installed, but where virtualization is used, one license will be required per virtual machine on which the software is installed.

A detailed explanation of SDK 3.0 licensing is available here : SDK licensing

License Transfers

License transfer and generation of a new license key for the migration of the license to another host machine requires our approval and is at our discretion. The Support & Maintenance Cover (SMC) on that product MUST be current and a license transfer request form completed. License Transfer Request form is available from here

For further details please either contact or view ‘Please Note’ section on the License Transfer Request Form.

N.B. The license key provided will be a currently supported version of that product. See Our support page for supported product versions.

Volume Discounts

Discounts are available when purchasing three or more copies of a product in one order. Click on the links in the price list to see volumes pricing information.

Larger discounts may be available when purchasing higher volumes of software for company-wide implementation. Please contact for more information.


The Aquaforest PDF Connector is only available by subscription, more information on how to subscribe can be found here.

Our terms of service can be downloaded from here.

Support and Maintenance

Licensed Products

Purchase of licensed Aquaforest products include 12 months priority technical support and all major and minor product upgrades, and can be renewed if required.

Support and Maintenance annual renewal costs 20% of the product license fee per year.

Subscription Products

Support and Maintenance is included in the subscription for the life of the subscription.

How to Buy

Online with a credit card

Aquaforest uses the services of Digital River GmbH for payment processing – On request we can send you a cart link for the product or products. You will receive by email a permanent license key for the products that you purchase.

Invoice Payment

For payment by wire transfer or cheque, we can issue an invoice by email. Please contact with order details or call us on +44 (0)1296 768 727. You will receive by email a permanent license key for the products that you purchase once payment has been received.

Purchase Order

We can accept Purchase Orders by email, post or fax. We will issue an invoice by email. Please contact with order details or call us on +44 (0)1296 768 727.

Authorized Reseller

Please contact us by email at if you have the requirement to purchase Aquaforest software from an Authorized Reseller. We will be happy to put you in contact with the appropriate Reseller.

Refund Policy

Aquaforest’s refund policy is fully explained in this document.

For US Customers

NCAGE Code: U0BG6.

DUNS Number: 23-280-3127

W-8BEN-E : Download

Further Information

Please contact for details of volume ordering options, OEM sales or any other sales related queries.