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Aquaforest Checkpoint

SharePoint Cleanup and Reporting Tool

Clean up SharePoint with an automated reporting tool. Quickly identify duplicate files, stale lists, large files, non-searchable PDFs, and legacy Office documents.
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Need support for SharePoint Management? Manage your SharePoint, office365 and windows with CheckPoint reporting.

Report on Governance and Management Issues such as Duplicate files, Stale Lists and Libraries, Non-searchable PDFs, Excessively large files, Legacy Office Documents And many other built-in reports which can all be customized

Main Features

Create Custom Reports to meet your governance and management requirements.
Schedule Reports to run automatically.

Automate Alerts for key issues.

Report across On-Premises and Cloud 365 Instances – in the same report.

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The Subscription Price includes comprehensive support and maintenance cover for the duration of the subscription.

Yes, all our products are supported on virtual machines including Azure and Oracle VM virtual box

One of our expert engineers can install and configure Aquaforest CheckPoint to meet your requirements via a remote session. It is normally straightforward and takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Let us know if you would like us to provide training via remote session on any aspect of the product.

We can demonstrate the product for you and discuss how it can meet your needs.

Our team have gained extensive experience and expertise in searchable PDFs over many years and are members of the PDF association. We are happy to share our knowledge and provide free advice in this area.

We aim to respond to email support requests within 1/2 a business day- usually we respond much more quickly than that. Email support@aquaforest.com with any support query.

Phone support
If you prefer to speak directly with our team call us on +44 (0)1296 768 727 or ask for a call via support@aquaforest.com with any support query.

Live chat
You can always contact us on live chat during office hours.

Tech Spec

Standalone Installation

Aquaforest CheckPoint is installed on a machine of your choice, separate from the SharePoint server.

System requirements

SharePoint Versions SharePoint Server 2010
SharePoint Server 2013
SharePoint Server 2016
SharePoint Online (Office 365)
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 (x64)
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows 10 (x64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
Windows Server 2012 (x64)
Windows Server 2016
Disk Space 100 MB
Memory Minimum 4GB (recommended 8GB)
.Net Framework 4.5.2

Duplicate Files

One of the appeals of SharePoint is ability for multiple users to create, upload and modify documents in document libraries, often spanning across several SharePoint farms. The visibility of those documents is a key aspect of a well-managed SharePoint environment. However, as the complexity and volume of data stored increases, managing such environments can become quite challenging.

One scenario that is very likely to happen over time is different users uploading the same document to numerous document libraries, thus creating lots of duplicate documents. Keeping track of duplicate documents spread across multiple farms can be extremely problematic.

Stale List and Libraries

SharePoint comprises of Lists and Document Libraries, these structures are used to store items and documents. Users usually have the ability to create list to group items and document libraries to group documents.

Sometimes users can create a list or library and not use them for months or even years. A SharePoint Administrator or Manager might be interested in knowing if these types of List or Library exists.

Non Searchable PDFs Files

One of the most attractive features of SharePoint is the ability to search for documents that contain certain texts in them. For this search to work, the document uploaded have to searchable and the SharePoint crawler will have to index these files.

For these files to be crawled and indexed properly, they will have to contain text within them, the main problem here is that a very high percentage of documents in an office are scanned PDF documents with no text. Aquaforest CheckPoint allows you to identify the PDF documents that do not have searchable text in them.

Large Files

Storage space in SharePoint is a very important resource that should not be misused, sometimes users upload very large documents that could be compressed or saved in a smaller format.

Keeping an eye on this can be a very difficult task especially if the company has a high number of document libraries or SharePoint Farms..

Legacy Documents

With the release of Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft released a new version of their file extensions. These new files are smaller in size, compressed and a easily readable by third party product.

With Aquaforest CheckPoint a user can create a report that will show the administrator a report of all the legacy documents stored in your SharePoint farm.

Aquaforest Checkpoint

Start using Autobahn DX today and manage your SharePoint, office365 and windows with CheckPoint reporting.