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PDF Tools for SharePoint and Power Automate

Discover the Complete Suite of PDF Tools for SharePoint and Power Automate from PSPDFKit companies Muhimbi and Aquaforest.

A Complete Suite of PDF Tools and Workflow Actions for SharePoint and Power Automate

SharePoint-native PDF editing, format-agnostic PDF conversion, document management, and security with easy-to-integrate Power Automate connectors and AppSource applications.
Full-Featured PDF Text Editor and Annotator

Full-Featured PDF Text Editor and Annotator

Edit original text and annotate PDF documents without leaving SharePoint, and transfer documents to third-party clouds.

Key Features

PDF Conversion from Various File Formats

PDF Conversion from Various File Formats

Convert numerous file formats to editable high-fidelity PDF documents.

Supported Formats

OCR for Improved Findability

OCR for Improved Findability

Apply OCR and auto-tagging to ensure content findability and enable data extraction.

Key Features

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automate PDF workflows with easy-to-configure Power Automate actions.



Why Is This Better than the Competition?

Complete Set of PDF Editing and Annotating Tools

Cover every step of your PDF workflow with an all-in-one toolkit. We can do everything — from text editing, splitting, and merging PDFs, to redacting sensitive information, watermarking, and eSigning documents.

Original PDF Text Editing

Most editors on the market claim to be able to edit PDF text when, in fact, they add a new layer of text on top of the original one.
Our editor allows you to edit the original text of PDF documents as if you were working with a Word file.

Improved Content Searchability and Data Privacy Compliance

Ensure content searchability, metadata consistency, and access permissions. For all operations, your data and documents don’t leave the SharePoint environment.

Improved Document Accuracy

Get high-fidelity PDFs when converting from other document formats. OCR functionality ensures that even image-based PDFs are searchable and error-free.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Extract PDF document data and text without having to preset models for your PDF templates. The intelligent Power Automate connector analyzes your document and extracts data on its own.

Flexible Deployment and Integration

Choose between multiple deployment and integration options: from a native AppSource app and Power Automate connectors, to a REST API and on-premises cloud deployment with a custom UI and feature set.

Use Case

Easily Automate Workflows as Complex as This One

Start with an incoming document of a random format

Convert to PDF (apply OCR if needed)

Set security permissions

Extract data from the PDF (barcodes included)

Update values to SharePoint columns

Edit the PDF document directly in SharePoint

Archive the PDF for business records


The Most Extensive Set of Power Automate Actions for PDF Documents


Compress PDF


Split PDF by

Add to PDF




Products and Deployment

Edit original text and annotate PDF documents without leaving SharePoint, and transfer documents to third-party clouds.


Convert numerous file formats to editable high-fidelity PDF documents.


Archive documents to the PDF/A 1b, 2b, and 3b formats required by regulatory bodies.


Make SharePoint site collections fully text searchable with automated OCR.


Automate document tagging for SharePoint and Office 365.


Intelligently extract data and text from documents without the need for preset models or templates.


Automate creating reports on governance and management issues such as duplicate files, stale lists, non-searchable PDFs, excessively large files, and more.



SaaS subscription available for all SharePoint online solutions

SDK products and on-premises deployment options are custom-quoted

Key Security and Compliance Features


Neither Aquaforest nor Muhimbi transfers documents and data to third-party servers during the operation.


Making PDF content searchable ensures compliance with one of the central US and EU government agency requirements for PDF documents.


Archiving PDF documents in PDF/A format ensures compliance with multiple industry regulations for submitting and storing PDFs — including government, legal, and healthcare.


Maintaining document metadata throughout the entire document lifecycle is critical for legal compliance.


Applying security permissions to documents ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the document information.

Case Studies

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Automating complex PDF operations for SharePoint and Nintex workflows within a 3,400-employee organization

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