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Counterpart International takes to the cloud with Office365 and Aquaforest Searchlight

We would like to share with you a case study written with Counterpart International

Counterpart international is an excellent example of a forward-thinking non-profit organization using cost effective, cutting edge technology to improve records management processes and further reduce operating costs.

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Some excerpts below:

 “We were looking for a solution to provide OCR for SharePoint, that could grow with our technology roadmap, that would not become too expensive over time, and with a good degree of customization. In Searchlight, we found the technology to work with SharePoint 2010 (which we had at the beginning of this project) and that works with Office 365 and SharePoint Online (which we have now), and that also provides further customization via an SDK. Looking at other products from Aquaforest such as Searchlight Tagger proves the ecosystem is growing, and that reinforces our choice.”

Pablo A. Destefanis, Sr. Director | Information Technology | Counterpart International

“As soon as the users started uploading documents, we were able to stop shipping boxes full of paper from across the Atlantic. The OCR features of Aquaforest Searchlight shone when we had our first audit, and we were able to cut to minutes tasks that used to take hours, if not days.”
Pablo A. Destefanis, Sr. Director | Information Technology | Counterpart International

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