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Autobahn DX

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Autobahn DX provides high performance automated OCR and Conversion to Searchable PDF for Windows Servers. It is able to process and a variety of different input document including TIFF images, PDF Files, Microsoft Office documents and HTML pages.

Autobahn DX is used by many enterprises across the globe for large scale and bulk projects. This solution also offers hot folder capabilities enabling your team to get on with their job while our software does the rest.

Autobahn DX supports ultra-high performance for up to 64 cores with the optional multi core module.

Schedule features can automatically pick up and process your files, giving you the chance to get on with your job while we do the rest.

We give you a simple user interface to run your jobs, the Job Designer allows you to create custom jobs from a range of pre-made steps

Creating custom scripts that can be used within Autobahn using the Autobahn .Net API.

Make your documents searchable with our built-in standard or extended OCR engine. We apply a hidden text layer on your files to make them searchable.

Merge or split documents with one simple step.

We support upto 23 languages in our standard engine and over 100 different languages within the Extended engine including Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Product Standard OCR Extended OCR
Workstation £ 959    Buy N/A
(Single Core)
£ 2,219 Buy £ 2,959 Buy
(4 Cores)
£ 2,959 Buy £ 3,700 Buy
(8 Cores)
£ 3,700 Buy £ 4,440 Buy
Each Additional Block of 4 Cores
up to a maximum of 64.
£ 741    Buy £ 741    Buy
Product Standard OCR Extended OCR
Workstation € 1,126 Buy N/A
(Single Core)
€ 2,604 Buy € 3,474 Buy
(4 Cores)
€ 3,474 Buy € 4,343 Buy
(8 Cores)
€ 4,343 Buy € 5,213 Buy
Each Additional Block of 4 Cores
up to a maximum of 64.
€ 870    Buy € 870    Buy
Product Standard OCR Extended OCR
Workstation $ 1,295 Buy N/A
(Single Core)
$ 2,995 Buy $ 3,995 Buy
(4 Cores)
$ 3,995 Buy $ 4,995 Buy
(8 Cores)
$ 4,995 Buy $ 5,995 Buy
Each Additional Block of 4 Cores
up to a maximum of 64.
$ 1,000 Buy $ 1,000 Buy

Additional cost | Included
Edition Comparison Work Station Server with standard OCR Server with extended OCR
OCR Image Only PDF
Convert MS Office & Open Files to PDF
Split/Merge PDF Files
Extract Text from PDF Files
Set PDF Properties
Pre-Processing (Deskew, Despeckle, Line Removal) and Auto-Rotation
Support for 23 Languages
TXT, RTF & HTML Output options
Advanced MRC & JBIG2 Compression on output PDFs
Processing Source PDFs with Passwords
Setting PDF Security on Output Files
Split/Rename by Barcode
Handwriting recognition via Google and Microsoft cloud APIs.
Load Balancing
Pause and Restart Jobs
Azure Storage Support
MultiCore (upto a maximum of 64 Cores)
Watched Folders, Scheduled Tasks and Windows Service Support
MultiStep Jobs, allowing the creation of workflows
SharePoint/Office 365 Upload/Download
Read/Send Emails using IMAP4
Use of Custom Scripts
High Availability
Distributed Polling across Multiple Autobahn DX Instances
Integration with Aquaforest Kingfisher
XML-based Job Definitions
.Net API
Run Jobs via Command Line
Support for 129 languages
Better at dealing with poorer quality documents than Standard OCR
Support for multiple languages within
a single document from the same character set
Asian Language Support
(Optional add-on)
Arabic Language Support
(Optional add-on)
Intelligent High Quality Compression
(Optional add-on)
Multiple document output formats:

Trial License Key

After downloading you will receive an email with a 14 day trial license key. The trial is fully functional with the following exceptions:

  Trial watermarks will be placed on output files

  The trial is by default limited to 1 CPU core

  To obtain a trial key for more than 1 CPU core key email

  Text output files are limited to 3 pages per document. There are no limits on searchable PDF files.

The trial product can be fully activated with a permanent license key when purchased.

There are no limits on the number of documents that can be processed with the trial.

Support during the Trial

We can support you during your trial in many ways – just email

  Ask any technical questions

  Request a remote session to help configure the product

  Ask for guidance on expected throughput and hardware recommendations

  For licensing questions email

Extending the Trial

If you need to extend the trial beyond 14 days or would like to trial multi-core features please email

Is Aquaforest Autobahn Dx supported on Virtual machines?

Yes, all our products are supported on virtual machines including Oracle VM virtual box

What is the cost of SMC after 12 months?

Support and Maintenance cover can optionally be renewed after 12 months at 20% of the product license fee, giving you access to the support team and free upgrades.

What is included in the license price?

To ensure our clients are successful in using our products we provide 12 months complimentary support and maintenance cover with all of our products.

Can we purchase additional Cores and Modules?

If your requirements change during the use of the product and you require additional Cores or another Module we can simply upgrade your license with the difference in price.

Can you install and configure Aquaforest Autobahn DX for us?

One of our expert engineers can install and configure Aquaforest Searchlight to meet your requirements via a remote session. It is normally straightforward and takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Do you provide product training?

Let us know if you would like us to provide training via remote session on any aspect of the product.

Can I just get a Demo?

We can demonstrate the product for you and discuss how it can meet your needs.

Do you offer any free advice?

Our team have gained extensive experience and expertise in searchable PDFs over many Years and are members of the PDF association. We are happy to share our knowledge and provide free advice in this area.

How can I contact you?

We aim to respond to email support requests with 1/2 a business day- usually we respond much more quickly than that. Email with any support query.

Phone support
If you prefer to speak directly with our team call us on +44 (0)1296 768 727 or ask for a call via with any support query.

Live chat
You can always contact us on live chat during office hours.

Extended OCR Module

The Extended OCR Module for Autobahn DX adds the IRIS OCR engine as an alternative to the standard Aquaforest engine. This has a number of benefits including optional support for Asian languages and DOCX output.

Multi-Core Module

The Multi-Core module allows a single job to process multiple files in parallel and is ideally suited for maximizing throughput when processing large volumes of documents of any size.

The Autobahn DX multi-core capabilities dramatically increase throughput of OCR-based jobs which are highly CPU-intensive.

  Enables processing of very high document volumes – into the millions

  The standard multi-core module supports 8 CPU cores

  The module can be upgraded to support up to 64 CPU cores

  Autobahn DX processes multiple files in parallel to make use of multiple cores

  Individual jobs can be configured with differing CPU settings

Performance and Configuration

Our team is able to offer advice on the best product configuration and hardware to achieve your performance goals. Just let us know what your throughput requirements are and we will help – email

Microsoft SharePoint Support

SharePoint is supported as a document target destination (SharePoint Upload) and as a source (SharePoint Download). This allows SharePoint document libraries to be populated directly from Autobahn DX jobs.

Highly Compressed PDF Support

Autobahn DX supports both Mixed Raster Compression (MRC) for optimal compression of scanned color PDFs as well as JBIG2 for optimal compression of bitonal documents.

PDF/A and PDF/X Support

Autobahn DX supports generation of PDF/A and PDF/X compliant files from "born digital" documents such as Microsoft Word as well as scanned image TIFF and PDF files.

System requirements

Supported Operating Systems Windows 8 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 bit)
Windows Server 2016 (64 bit)
Recommended Memory Single Core License - 4 GB RAM
8 Core License - 16 GB RAM
Greater Than 8 Core License - Ask
Recommended CPU Single Core License - i5 processor
8 Core License - i7 processor
Greater Than 8 Core License - Ask
Disk Space 1.1 GB
.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ Runtime The Visual C++ Redistributable package is required for deployment as well as development.
  • The Aquaforest engine requires Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86 | x64)