Searchlight in 3 short videos

In three short videos, I will show you how easy it is to:

  1. Download, install and activate Searchlight
  2. Connect to SharePoint and run an Audit
  3. OCR your first site and see the improvement in searchability first hand

Any relevant links are provided underneath each video. Let’s get started.

1  Download, install and activate Searchlight

Start at the Aquaforest Download Page, select Searchlight OCR, complete the form and click ‘Download’. This will send an automated email containing the trial license key and direct you to the page with the actual download link. Once the msi file is downloaded, double click it and run through the install wizard.

Depending on your local settings, the installation wizard might prompt you to install some Microsoft prerequisites – just accept these and continue. At the end of the installation, you will be prompted to enter your license key. Copy and paste it from the aforementioned email and you are good to go.

2   Connect to SharePoint and run an Audit

To audit and OCR your files, Searchlight will need admin permissions on the sites it monitors. The files can be located either in your local file system, in SharePoint on-prem/online or in Azure.

You can have as many libraries as you like on the Searchlight Dashboard and each library can point to an unlimited number of file locations. For that reason, we recommend to map out your OCR requirements before starting to set up Searchlight jobs. To process large lists of locations, you can use the

3  OCR process and re-Audit

After a completed audit you have clear visibility of the OCR workload. Depending on how many cores are used and the size of your sites, this process can take from a few seconds to several weeks. We recommend to run some Searchlight Audits on some representative sample sites and work out the average number of documents/pages and their searchability status. This will help to define how many cores would work best for your setting and speed expectations.


Neil Pitman

Head of IT Business Solutions

Neil established Aquaforest in 2001 to provide high-performance PDF, OCR, and SharePoint products to a worldwide market.



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