Launch of the Aquaforest Searchlight Partner Program


  • Solve a Key Business Problem for Your Customer
  • Increase Your Revenue Stream

+ Many more benefits, see synopsis of benefits to you in table below.

The Business Problem: Documents that cannot be found.

Sharepoint is an excellent platform for document solutions but how sure can you be that 100% of documents can be found by Sharepoint text search? Some studies have shown that as many as 25% of PDF documents cannot be found via Sharepoint text search as they are Image PDFs, most of which originated as Scans or Faxes.

Opportunity to Solve the Problem

Aquaforest has been providing high performance PDF and OCR software for over 10 years and we found that an increasing number of customers were asking for a solution that would enable them to do two things:

  1. AUDIT their Sharepoint document store to determine how many files are not searchable.
  2. AUTOMATICALLY MAKE those non-searchable files searchable by an OCR process to create fully text searchable PDFs.

Unique Product

So we created Aquaforest Searchlight to achieve those two goals. This is already being used by organizations with hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents to automatically ensure that their document stores are fully searchable.

We believe this product provides an opportunity for Sharepoint solutions providers. The Aquaforest Searchlight partner program allows unlimited use of the Audit function at no charge allowing you to easily determine which of your customers may benefit the most from implementing the full product. Partners also have the option, at no additional charge, of converting up to 1000 of the customer’s documents to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution.

Partnering with Aquaforest

We pride ourselves on both being easy to do business with and providing excellent customer & product support. Aquaforest Searchlight partner program can be both profitable for partners and offer huge business benefit to end-customers.

Synopsis of Benefits to You as an Aquaforest Searchlight Partner

For more information about becoming an Aquaforest Searchlight Partner and the Benefits to You

Email or

Phone us for a chat on

+44 (0) 1296 468168

FREE T-SHIRT for Aquaforest Searchlight Partners

Try a free audit at one of your customer sites and send us a screenshot of the results and we will send you a link to order your Free T Shirt. Simple.



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