Crawl & OCR Non-Searchable Insurance Documents in SharePoint

Document Challenges in Insurance Business: OCR Non-Searchable Documents in SharePoint

In the fast-paced insurance world, getting accurate information quickly is crucial. Imagine a situation where important documents, making up 22% of your files, are hard to find – not visible and unsearchable, making daily tasks more complicated. This is the story of an insurance company facing challenges with non-searchable documents in SharePoint.

Unlocking Critical Business Data in Non-Searchable Documents with OCR

In our story, there’s an insurance company using SharePoint for documents. They didn’t know that a big part of their files, including scanned PDFs, images, and faxes, couldn’t be found in searches. This hidden info caused lots of problems and mistakes.

How Non-Searchable Documents Lead to Errors

Inaccurate Decision-Making

The team struggled with ongoing mistakes in decision-making. Only 78% of their documents showed up in search results, hiding important information. Because they didn’t know about the missing data, decisions were based on old or incomplete info, leading to costly errors.

Redundant Work and Lost Resources

Not being able to find existing documents led to extra work and wasted resources. Employees, unaware of the files already in place, ended up doing the same work again, causing delays and inefficiencies in their tasks.

Compliance Risks and Legal Dilemmas

In the insurance sector, compliance is non-negotiable. The non-searchable documents posed a substantial risk, potentially leading to compliance issues and legal quandaries. Important contracts and legal papers often got missed in the large amount of data.

Customer Service Setbacks

Customer service reps struggled to give quick and accurate info to clients, impacting the company’s reputation. Important documents hidden in the non-searchable area made it difficult to respond promptly to customer questions.

Addressing Challenges in Remote Work: Using OCR for Better Access

In the changing world of insurance, where more people work from home, some employees face problems. They use small devices to scan documents, making PDFs without searchable text. This adds to the issue of documents that can’t be searched in SharePoint, keeping important information locked away. To adapt to the new way of working, it’s crucial to solve the problems faced by employees scanning documents at home. Using a helpful OCR solution like Searchlight OCR not only makes all documents accessible but also fits the needs of a workforce working in different and faraway places.

The SharePoint OCR Solution: Making 100% of Documents Searchable

Recognizing the necessity for a comprehensive solution, an insurance company turned to us looking for a SharePoint OCR solution to unlock the full potential of their document repository. Our Searchlight OCR product helped them make their workflows smoother, improve compliance and security, and most importantly, have a fully searchable SharePoint library.

Effortless Searchability

Searchlight OCR audits each SharePoint library and provides a breakdown of fully searchable, partially searchable, and non-searchable files. Additionally, it employs OCR on non-searchable and partially-searchable files, transforming scanned PDFs, images, and faxes into content that can be searched and retrieved. Suddenly, previously hidden documents are now easily accessible with a simple search query.

Streamlined Workflows

Now that employees can easily find and get any document, things work smoother. Doing the same task over and over is a thing of the past because they can quickly find and use existing files, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Compliance and Security

Searchlight OCR not only made documents searchable but also improved compliance and security. The insurance company could confidently handle audits, making sure important information was available and secure.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service saw a big improvement. Representatives could quickly get and share accurate information, making customer relationships stronger and increasing satisfaction.


This insurance company’s story highlights the often ignored problems of non-searchable documents and how Searchlight OCR can make a big difference. In the complex world of managing information, it’s crucial that every document isn’t just stored but also easy to find, use, and valuable for our work.

In the ever-changing insurance world, where information is key, make sure your data isn’t hidden away. Choose the solution that transforms scans into searchable documents – Searchlight OCR.



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