Extract, Split and Rename PDFs with Aquaforest Kingfisher

Aquaforest Kingfisher is a sophisticated and powerful tool that is designed to help unlock and organize key business information trapped in PDF documents such as financial records, customer reports, scanned files and payment runs.

A core feature of the product is the ability to OCR PDF files during the conversion which means you can process image only (non-searchable) PDFs.

Below is a video showing you how to create a job that splits a PDF file based on a change in some text at a particular area of the PDF page

Product key features:

  • Extract, Split & Rename
  • Separate by Text Patterns
  • Separate by Barcodes
  • Renaming based on Text Patterns
  • Renaming based on barcodes
  • Zonal Patterns
  • Text Extraction
  • High Performance OCR
  • Multi-Core Option for higher volumes

The product inherits the typical intuitive design and metro feel like many of our products making it simple and friendly to use.

Below are a couple of screen shots of the product:

Kingfisher Dashboard

Aquaforest Kingfisher Job Settings

Aquaforest Kingfisher can be downloaded from the following page: https://www.aquaforest.com/products/kingfisher however should you wish to find out more or discuss your specific project requirements please contact the team at: support@www.aquaforest.com



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