Deploying Aquaforest OCR SDK v1.41

Pre-requisites and deploying method for applications built using the Aquaforest OCR SDK v1.41

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Server 2008/R2 32/64 bit
  • Server 2003/R2 32/64 bit
  • Server 2012
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit

Supported .NET Framework:

  • .Net Framework v3.5
  • .Net  Framework v4.0

Our samples are configured with .Net 3.5, if you require .Net 4.0 support for your OCR SDK

application you will need to add an “app.config” file within the project. We have included

an example of “app.config” file for our “64bit, Zonal” and “64bit, Convert Folder of Files”

sample applications.

Below are steps which will enable you to use the mentioned sample apps with .Net Framework 4.0.

  • Uncomment the contents in “app.config”.
  • Configure “64bit Zonal” or “64bit Convert Folder Of Files” sample app to use .Net 4.0
  •   Save and Rebuild sample app.

Supported Visual C++ Runtime:

  • Visual C++ 2008 Re-distributable


Any deployment method should ensure the target system meets the above requirements.

For building and deploying C# and VB.NET applications, the recommended approach is to copy

the contents of the “\Aquaforest\OCRSDK\bin” to your solution bin folder and update the

OCR.resourceFolder to point to the new location.  Alternatively you can point the

OCR.resourceFolder to the default location “C:\Aquaforest\OCRSDK\bin” as illustrated below.

string resourceFolder = @”C:\Aquaforest\OCRSDK\bin”;

string currentEnvironmentVariables = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(“PATH”);

if (!currentEnvironmentVariables.Contains(resourceFolder))


Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable(“PATH”, currentEnvironmentVariables + “;” + resourceFolder);


ocr.ResourceFolder = resourceFolder;

However this location must be available and accessible in the target machine where your solution is going to be installed.


Neil Pitman

Head of IT Business Solutions

Neil established Aquaforest in 2001 to provide high-performance PDF, OCR, and SharePoint products to a worldwide market.



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