Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger Onboarding Consultancy Package – Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger + Consultancy

In partnership with our expert SharePoint & Seachlight Implementation Partners, Aquaforest announce the launch of:

Searchlight Tagger On-boarding Consultancy Service Package

(Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger + Consultancy)

“Every day, everywhere, information workers work with a huge volume of content: they create as well as consume. They have to be able to find the document they need. They have to decide if a newly discovered item is the one they need or it’s better to search further. They have to be able to use the content the way they want. And they have to make business-critical decisions fast, based on the content they find. And this is not as simple as it sounds to be. There are many different things that have to be in place and fit together in order to make content usability and findability good and successful. If you can get your information architecture and metadata right, your users will be able to find and use content they actually need fast and efficiently. However, if you don’t have good quality metadata on your content, the chance of your Search being good is tiny. Your content without metadata is no more than files stored in a network drive. Findability is very poor. Usually, the only way to get to a document is to navigate there. Over time, due to the lack of findability, your users will end up adding the same contents over and over, resulting in exponential growth of duplicate contents. Eventually, you will end up having a content silo – with close-to-zero findability of your documents….” excerpt from Automated Metadata Tagging for SharePoint and Office 365 white paper © Aquaforest Limited 2018, written by Agnes Molnar, Search Explained.

Aquaforest’s Searchlight Tagger -The solution to dramatically enhancing Findability

Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger can automatically add metadata tags based on document content

A reminder as to why having good metadata on your content is essential:

  • Improved usability and findability of content
  • Improved search applications
  • Less time spent with not finding the content
  • Better overall user satisfaction
  • Legal Compliance, privacy and protection, identifying & securing personally identifiable information (PII), predictive customer intelligence (PCI) and personal health information (PHI); and help to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Data governance

To be honest the business benefits are obvious, and you may have already made a good start on taking control of the valuable data in your business but now need some help and advice because:

  • Whilst you do have metadata on the content, maybe it’s bad or inconsistent
  • Your users do not have the required knowledge to create good metadata and perhaps do not understand the why
  • Your users are not sure how to create good metadata, or how to use the forms the right way
  • Underlying business anxieties re Legal Compliance & Data governance- e.g. You are not sure you could find the required data or whether you could find it in the required period
  • Your business does not have the time or resources to do this yourselves

If you recognize any of these common problems as potentially being an issue for you, then Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger Onboarding Consultancy Packages are likely to be a very good fit for your business and ultimately save you time, money and potentially costly litigation fees re legal compliance & governance failures.

Whilst many Searchlight Tagger users undertake their own implementations, others require consultancy services to assist them in helping them define their tagging requirements ready for metadata tagging in SharePoint using Searchlight Tagger. To best meet these customers’ needs select Aquaforest Partners now offer an on-boarding package which incorporates the Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger software and consultancy services, all in a package based specifically on your business needs.

A one stop shop.

We would be very happy to introduce you to our trusted On-boarding Partners who are based throughout the world. They are experienced in SharePoint and in using our software. They will work with you to understand your business needs, offer advice and a range of fixed and customizable consultancy packages based on this. They will also optimize the Searchlight Tagger software specifically for your business requirements. We can provide you with an indication of starting from package prices.

The consultancy packages will contain on-boarding options, after discussion with the on-boarding Partner(s) you choose the package(s) that you need. Each partner will offer their own detailed service package which can be customized to suit. The below provides an indication of the basic package options.

Option 1: Planning –  Project Discovery Phase

  • Business Requirements
  • Project deliverables
  • Prerequisites
  • Resource Requirements:
    • Software
    • People
    • Platforms
    • Taxonomies

Option 2: Onboarding – Project Implementation

  • Project deliverables
  • Mapping to SharePoint
  • Technical Implementation and optimization of Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger

Please contact our support team if you want to know more. Talk to us to find out how  Searchlight Tagger On-boarding consultancy packages from our specialist Partners will be able to help you.

We’d be happy to provide a list of On-boarding partners in your location and make introductions as well as provide you with a guide to pricing.

Useful guidance re SharePoint Tagging:

10 Minute Webinar: SharePoint Tagging Made Easy :

Ebook: Automated Metadata Tagging for SharePoint :


Neil Pitman

Head of IT Business Solutions

Neil established Aquaforest in 2001 to provide high-performance PDF, OCR, and SharePoint products to a worldwide market.



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