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Findability and GDPR

Aquaforest Searchlight and GDPR

Searchlight and GDPR

SharePoint and Office 365 have excellent support tools for managing many aspects of GDPR compliance.

However, Studies have shown that in many organizations 20% of documents are not fully text searchable and won’t be found by SharePoint or Office 365 Compliance Search.
Most commonly these files are Image PDFs or Vector PDFs that originated as scans, faxes or output from design packages.

To solve this problem, Aquaforest Searchlight audits SharePoint content and automatically OCRs Image PDFs so the content can be fully indexed by SharePoint and Office365. Aquaforest’s Findability Solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 dramatically improve search success by ensuring that Site Collections are fully text searchable and Metadata is automatically added to documents.

Run a Free Audit Today

The trial version of Aquaforest Searchlight allows unlimited auditing which will allow you to determine how many of your PDF files are not fully text searchable.

The trial also allows conversion of a limited number of Image PDFs for testing purposes.