Multi-Core Module for Autobahn DX Server

The Business Problem:

At Aquaforest we are often contacted by prospective and current Autobahn DX Server customers who have a core requirement of converting thousands if not millions of documents in a small window of time.

The Solution:

Fig 1

Aquaforest Multi-Core module for Autobahn DX Server.  The Multi-Core module bolts directly onto your instance of Autobahn DX Server increasing your throughput rates significantly and is dependent on the number of physical cores available on the host machine.

The Multi-Core Module allows a single job to process multiple files in parallel and so is ideally suited for processing large volumes of documents of any size.

Sample Numbers:

ADX (Single Core):                   15 single page documents per minute (b&w @ 200dpi) = 900 per hour.

ADX + Multi-Core (8 Cores):  75 single page documents per minute (b&w @ 200dpi) = 4500 per hour.

The Sample Numbers above used 8 cores for illustration however The Multi-Core module on version 3.5 of Autobahn DX currently supports up-to 64 physical cores, so if you have the hardware then we have the software to make full use of it.

Further information can be found on the Multi-Core homepage:



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