ICR in Autobahn DX using Google Vision AI

Using Autobahn DX’s cloud OCR steps, we can make use of Google Vision AI’s ability to perform ICR and combine that with Autobahn DX’s ability to generate a full PDF based of the data. Something which Google Vision AI cannot do on its own.

With the 2 products working in tandem, we can generate PDFs with accurate ICR on handwritten text and other hard to read pages that might confound other OCR engines from both PDF documents and images alike.

If you need to setup your Google Vision AI account, please go here first: https://cloud.google.com/vision

Otherwise, continue reading. You will find a video at the bottom of this article demonstrating the process.

The first step is to add a PDF to Searchable PDF (Google Cloud OCR) or Image to Searchable PDF (Google Cloud OCR) job step.

Once done, select the step and enter the file path to your google key .JSON, which you would have received from Google Vision AI.
Now that the details are entered, you can scroll the to conversion settings to make any other changes you might need for your scenario. When you are happy with your settings, you can start the job and see the results.



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