A video on dealing with Autobahn DX Archiving in SharePoint

A recent customer use case for a large legal company included using the Autobahn ‘SharePoint Download’ and ‘SharePoint Upload’ job steps to and from SharePoint locations which are accessed by a large number of internal users.

Autobahn, by design, has the ‘Delete Input Files’ feature not enabled for SharePoint locations due to the potential increase in risk to SharePoint files. If Versioning was not enabled and Autobahn encounters an error in which the source file is deleted but the output file is lost, there is no recovering from this.

It was therefore critical to explore alternative methods outside Autobahn to avoid the multiple processing of files in the SharePoint Input locations once these files had successfully been processed by Autobahn.

The Aquaforest team have therefore created a Power Automate Flow, which moves input files to a specified archive location once the processed output file arrives in the SharePoint Output location. This flow makes use of Power Automate standard steps only and does not require any (payable) third-party components outside the standard O365 Power Automate subscription.

This way Autobahn users can utilise Power Automate to act as a SharePoint archive feature. Please watch the video below on how we made the solution.




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