Converting Postscript (.ps) files to PDF using Autobahn DX Server

The following steps will enable you to convert postscript (.ps) files to searchable PDF using Autobahn DX.

  • Download and install the relevant version of GSview.
  • Once installed change your .ps file to open with gsview, to do this:
    • Right click on a post script file and select properties.
    • Click on the change button.
    • Select either C:\Program Files\Ghostgum\gsview\gsview64.exe or gsview32.exe


  • Open the easyPDF SDK printer and select the following options:
    • Printer | Properties
    • Preferences
    • Advanced
    • On the Advance options tab set the Resolution to 300 dpi (default is 600 dpi)


  • Update the Autobahn config file C:\Aquaforest\Autobahn DX\pj\bin\topdf.exe.config
    • remove the .ps extension from: <add key=”ExcludedExtensions” value=”” />
    • add the .ps extension to: <add key=”AutoExtension” value=”.ps” />


  • Finally create a 2 step job in the Autobahn Job Manager as shown below which contains the following steps:
    • Convert Any File to PDF
    • OCR Image-Only PDF

Job manager



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