Autobahn DX Windows Service

Autobahn and BCL easyPDF X Loader Windows Services

These are the heart of the product and control the execution of both scheduled jobs and ad-hoc jobs whether submitted via the Autobahn Manager or via the Autobahn Job API. The services analyse the XML Job Definition files on start-up and when new files are created in the Job Definition directory by the Autobahn Manager, or via the Job API. Once you have installed Autobahn, you need to take a few easy steps described below to configure the Windows Service setting for both Autobahn and the BCL easy PDF SDK X Loader.

Create and initialize an Administrator user account:

Log-on to the computer as the Administrator and create a new user account that will run the Autobahn and BCL easyPDF SDK 6 Loader service. In our example, this account is named Administrator. Create a password for this user account, and select Never expire so that the password does not need to be changed.


  • YOU MUST log on to the Administrator account at least once to initialize the account, including printer driver setting, or the easyPDF SDK service will not run properly. You will also need to open and initiate Microsoft Office applications i.e. Word, Excel etc.
  • If you decide to use an existing account rather than creating a new account as described above, make sure to also log on to that user account at least once after Autobahn is installed for the first time, or the printer driver information will not be initialized properly.

Configure Windows Service setting:

  1. Log-on to the computer as the Administrator.
  2. From Control Panel, launch Administrative Tools.
  3. From Administrative Tools, launch Services.

4. Select and double-click on the Autobahn service to bring up the Autobahn Properties dialog.

5. Click the Log On tab. Select This account and type the username and password for the Administrator .

6.  Click OK to close the property dialog box and return to the main Services window.

7. Start the Autobahn Service.

8. Close the Services window.

9. Please repeat the above for the BCL easyPDF X Loader Service


  • If you reinstall Autobahn, it is CRITICAL that you redo the eight preceding “Configure Windows Service setting” steps following the reinstall or upgrade. Failure to do so could cause the Autobahn AND BCL service to run under incorrect settings and lead to problems.





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