Scan and OCR directly to SharePoint with PaperScan 4

PaperScan 4 users can now simply scan or import files and use the Save dialogue to OCR and move them into their SharePoint sites.

Import image PDF and push the OCR’ed version into SharePoint Online

We have created s short video (1:32 mins) to explain the whole process from importing an image PDF file into PaperScan to saving an OCD’ed copy of that file into SharePoint online location. Enjoy!

PaperScan 4 – Scan to SharePoint Online (1:32)

Welcome PaperScan to Aquaforest

A quick word to explain why we are having a blog about ORPALIS PaperScan on the Aquaforest website. About a year ago, Aquaforest became part of the ORPALIS Group. Within the group, since Summer 2021, Aquaforest has been taking care of the ORPALIS end user products, namely PaperScan, PDF Reducer and PDF OCR.

With the development of PaperScan now done here at Aquaforest HQ in England, we have worked hard on the release of PaperScan 4 in February 2022. One of the exciting new features of version 4 is the connectivity to SharePoint both on-premises and online.



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