Turbo Charge content FINDABILTY in SharePoint - Aquaforest

Turbo Charge content FINDABILTY in SharePoint

Turbo Charge content FINDABILTY in SharePoint

Turbo Charge content FINDABILTY in SharePoint

Find out how automated tools from Aquaforest and TermSet and can dramatically increase the findability of your Organization’s SharePoint documents.
Did you know that 80% of most organisations information is stored in office documents, but only 20% of this information can be found easily by employees. According to a study by The International Data Corporation (IDC), the average knowledge worker wastes 2.5 hours per day, or about 30% of the workday searching for information. Gartner suggests that organisations who solve the metadata challenge will have a significant competitive advantage. Ensuring that all SharePoint documents are fully text searchable can be huge challenge – in 2016 Adobe produced analytics from users showing that over 20% of PDFs are Image-Only and thus not text searchable.
Successful SharePoint projects have findability at their core. SharePoint is a powerful document management system, but in order to get the return on your investment you need to make certain that documents are findable by ensuring that all documents are fully text searchable and rich metadata is added. Without metadata and fully text searchable documents, users will struggle to find and organise their content and organisations will be unable to govern the ever growing store of information within SharePoint.  Whether you are migrating content into SharePoint, or looking to improve your existing sites then findability is the difference between a successful or failed project.
Building taxonomies and adding metadata has always been a tough job, building taxonomies from scratch is a time consuming trial and error prone process. Asking users to fill in metadata fields to save their documents to SharePoint impacts productivity and creates user adoption problems and migrated content will have no metadata.

The solution is Aquaforest & TermSet
Aquaforest Searchlight automatically takes non-searchable documents such as Image PDFs, Scanned Image Files and Faxes and converts the files to fully Searchable PDF format via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which enables users to find these documents via text search and allows TermSet to generate metadata for them.

TermSet provides Next-generation taxonomy creation and metadata.  TermSet uses Natural Language Processing to add accurate consistent metadata to SharePoint content, without placing any burden on end users or the IT team.http://blog.termset.com/blog/termset-aquaforest-webinar

Apply Metadata & Taxonomies and Full Text Searchability FREE trial. To register for this exciting free offer please attend our 30 mins webinar  on 16th February at 4pm GMT / 11am EST


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Neil Pitman founded Aquaforest Limited in 2001 and is the chief architect for the company’s PDF and OCR software products used by thousands of organizations ranging from NASA to the Dutch Ministerie van Justitie. Neil has 30 years’ experience in the software industry in the UK and USA in the areas of database systems, document management and software development tools and has served on the IDT committees of the British Standards Institute (BSI) and was a co-author of the BSI’s 2007 publication on the Long Term Preservation of Digital Documents.