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Microsoft Outlook Setup for Autobahn DX and PDF Junction

This blog illustrates how to make Microsoft Outlook ready for Autobahn DX Server and PDF Junction.

As mentioned in one of the previous blogs, one of the core reason for the failure of the conversion process ‘Convert any document to PDF’ in Autobahn and PDF Junction is caused by pop-up dialogs being displayed from Office products during the PDF conversion.  This blog […]

Olympic Torch Relay – Aquaforest

Our offices have been buzzing with excitement, the Olympic Torch Relay was passing through Aylesbury,UK, on 9th July 2012. Fortuitously our offices were en route. Our teams joined the crowds to welcome the Olympic Torch, taking photographs and videos to record the event. Many local schools and businesses took time out to watch. Street entertainment was provided from 10am, mainly […]

Worldox with Autobahn DX

Overview :

The Worldox document management system is widely used in the Legal industry but does not come with any in-built OCR capabilities.  This means that any scanned PDF (“image-only PDF”) files or TIFF files will not be searchable via the Worldox text search tool.
Autobahn DX can quickly be configured to act as a “monitor” for Worldox to ensure that all […]

NEW RELEASE - Autobahn DX 3.0 - Highlights

Autobahn DX 3.0 Highlights

Version 3.0 of Autobahn DX is a significant new release that features many customer-requested enhancements:

Stand-Alone Advanced PDF Compression
Outlook Msg & Attachments Conversion

Optional Asian Language Support
 Open Office Support

Optional Extended OCR Module
Upgraded OCR Engine


Stand-Alone Advanced PDF Compression
A new step is available that will perform Mixed Raster Content (MRC) and JBIG2 compression on existing image […]

Autobahn DX Implementation Service Package

Did you know that we offer an Autobahn DX Implementation Service Package?
Autobahn DX is designed for ease of use. We have provided a short video tutorial to assist you, go to the following web page for more details:
If, however, you have specific requirements or are perhaps short of time and are not sure of the best configurations and settings to […]

Microsoft Word Setup for Autobahn DX and PDF Junction

This blog illustrates how to make Microsoft Word ready for Autobahn DX Server and PDF Junction.  The other office products can also be configured just the same way.

One of the core reason for the failure of the conversion process ‘Convert any document to PDF’ in Autobahn and PDF Junction is caused by pop-up dialogs being displayed from Office products during the PDF […]

Aquaforest Partner Network Program

Aquaforest software products offer a wide set of high performance OCR to PDF software used at the heart of many off-the-shelf and custom software solutions deployed by thousands of customers worldwide. One of the ways in which we extend our reach across a wide range of industries is through our network of Solutions Providers.

The Aquaforest Partner Network Program offers Aquaforest […]

Autobahn DX Windows Service

Autobahn and BCL easyPDF X Loader Windows Services

These are the heart of the product and control the execution of both scheduled jobs and ad-hoc jobs whether submitted via the Autobahn Manager or via the Autobahn Job API. The services analyse the XML Job Definition files on start-up and when new files are created in the Job Definition directory by the Autobahn Manager, […]

PDF and ..... Cheese!

The 2012 PDF Technical Conference was held in Basel, Switzerland on March 27th and March 28th.  Organized by the PDF Association it provided two days packed with informative presentations and discussions on many aspects of PDF.   Topics included PDF/A-2 and 3, PDF/UA, PDF/X and many other technical PDF subject areas. Current and future planned  PDF ISO Standards were detailed.  PDF/A validators […]

In-Place OCR Processing

By “in-place” processing we generally mean processing PDF documents that have already been added to a document repository or system and need to be turned into searchable PDFs in-place. By contrast “workflow” processing where documents pass through Autobahn DX on their way into a document repository via watched folders.

The job shown below will convert PDFs under the tree C:qat\221008\in to […]