August 2020 - Aquaforest

August 2020

Run a QUICK & FREE Audit to check that your documents are Searchable

Discover how many of your digital documents are hidden from your search tools by using the FREE Audit Tool with Aquaforest Searchlight…
Studies have shown that in most organizations over 20% of documents may not be fully text searchable so will not be located by text search or discovery exercises.

You may have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of documents in […]

ESPC Power Automate Blog Articles

The following blog articles can be found on the European Sharepoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference website


1. Get Text from PDF, creating list items from document content
Using the Get Text from PDF action to populate custom Metadata Fields


2. Split PDF based on Data Values
Using the Split by Text action to Split a PDF based on the content of the document


Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger Onboarding Consultancy Package  - Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger + Consultancy

In partnership with our expert SharePoint & Seachlight Implementation Partners, Aquaforest announce the launch of:
Searchlight Tagger On-boarding Consultancy Service Package
(Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger + Consultancy)
“Every day, everywhere, information workers work with a huge volume of content: they create as well as consume. They have to be able to find the document they need. They have to decide if a newly discovered […]