2018 - Aquaforest


As the year is drawing to a close, Aquaforest would like to thank you for your custom and send our warmest Seasons Greetings to you.

All of us at Aquaforest wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

This year we will not be sending cards or gifts and have instead decided to donate money to make a positive difference by […]

Case Study
Counterpart International takes to the cloud with Office365 and Aquaforest Searchlight
We would like to share with you a case study written with Counterpart International www.counterpart.org

Counterpart international is an excellent example of a forward-thinking non-profit organization using cost effective, cutting edge technology to improve records management processes and further reduce operating costs.

Click here to read the full Case Study

Some excerpts […]


As a company whose products interact with SharePoint regularly, we often get questions asking whether our product can work on “X” level of their SharePoint Structure.
Within this article, we hope to explain the different layers within SharePoint and how our Aquaforest Searchlight products can interact with them.

SharePoint works on five layers these being,

SharePoint/Office 365 Instance : The SharePoint instance is the […]

Upgrading Aquaforest Searchlight 1.x


Upgrading Aquaforest Searchlight 1.x is relatively straight forward.

The following steps will guide you through the process.



These instructions are specifically for upgrading Searchlight 1.05 to Searchlight 1.31  (to upgrade from earlier versions please contact support@aquaforest.com)
You will require the latest installer which can be downloaded from our download page.
When upgrading from/to a new major version, you will normally need […]