March 2012 - Aquaforest

March 2012

PDF and ..... Cheese!

The 2012 PDF Technical Conference was held in Basel, Switzerland on March 27th and March 28th.  Organized by the PDF Association it provided two days packed with informative presentations and discussions on many aspects of PDF.   Topics included PDF/A-2 and 3, PDF/UA, PDF/X and many other technical PDF subject areas. Current and future planned  PDF ISO Standards were detailed.  PDF/A validators […]

In-Place OCR Processing

By “in-place” processing we generally mean processing PDF documents that have already been added to a document repository or system and need to be turned into searchable PDFs in-place. By contrast “workflow” processing where documents pass through Autobahn DX on their way into a document repository via watched folders.

The job shown below will convert PDFs under the tree C:qat\221008\in to […]

PDF Association Technical Conference 2012

Several Aquaforest members of staff will be attending this year’s PDF Technical Conference – let us know if you are also attending!

Two days packed with presentations and discussions about PDF
PDF Association | March 27, 2012 – March 28, 2012

The PDF Association invites its members to attend the Technical Conference 2012, to be held March 27-28, 2012 in Basel, Switzerland.

In line […]

Configuring Autobahn DX Jobs - Best Practice

The following blog illustrates how you can process Image files (non-searchable PDFs/TIFF) within their own folder location (in-place processesing) along with retaining the same filename.

The scenario: Joe has 150GB of data on his G drive where users upload documents on a daily basis.  The drive primarily holds image (non-searchable) files of type PDF and TIFF but also has a number of excel spreadsheets and word documents . He […]

Searchable PDF Explained

This article aims to provide guidance for the creation of searchable PDF files from scanned documents, whether standard TIFF Files or Image-Only PDF files.

Types of PDF File

PDF Type

This is the most common type of PDF and is most typically created from a document such as Microsoft Word.  It contains the full text of the page with appropriate coding to define […]

At Aquaforest we are often asked questions such as “I have 1 million documents I need to convert – how long will it take?” or “I need to convert 30,000 documents per day – how many servers will I need?”.  This article gives a straightforward method that can be used to provide broad estimates for conversion times.
Step 1 – Scope […]

TIFF versus PDF for Document Storage – White Paper
The choice of storage format for electronic documents can have significant and far-reaching consequences. This short white paper provides an overview of the TIFF and PDF document formats and discusses their relative merits as a format for electronic document storage.

Download  Whitepaper in PDF format : “TIFF Versus PDF for Document Storage” […]