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Aquaforest TIFF Archive

TIFF Archive is a tool that can convert large volumes of TIFF image files to PDF/A-1b compliant files.

The product uses some of the same components used in Aquaforest's leading conversion tools Autobahn DX and Aquaforest Searchlight.

PDF/A-1b is a file format based on PDF which provides a mechanism for representing electronic documents in a manner that preserves their visual appearance over time, independent of the tools and systems used for creating, storing or rendering the files. See ISO 19005-1 for more information

The product may be used as command line tool for manual use or inclusion in scripts. See the reference guide for further information.

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Converts TIFF files to PDF/A

Applies JBig2 Compression

Supported Operating Systems Windows 2003 (32 bit)
Windows 2003 (64 bit)
Windows 2008 (32 bit)
Windows 2008 (64 bit)
Windows XP (32 bit)
Windows Vista (32 bit)
Windows 7 (32 bit)
Windows 7 (64 bit)
Disk Space 200 Mb
.Net Framework 4.0
Memory 2GB
TIFF Archive is a free software product licensed according to the terms included in the license document with the product.