Software Support and Maintenance

We want you to be successful using our products and our support team is ready to help.

12 Months Included

New licenses automatically includes 12 months Support & Maintenance at no extra cost. This includes Support by email, phone or remote session and free upgrades.

Renewing Support and Maintenance

The cover can be renewed annually at a cost of 20% of the original license fee. We will email reminder notices about 6 weeks before expiry. As with initial coverage this includes Support by email, phone or remote session and free product upgrades.


We aim to respond to email support requests within ½ a business day – usually we respond much more quickly than that. Email with any support query.

Remote Sessions

A remote session is often the quickest way to diagnose and resolve any problems or just to get the product configured and up and running. Request a remote session via


Usually the default configuration settings are fine but our team will be pleased to advise on settings related to OCR Accuracy, Error Management, In-Place processing and other issues.

Phone Support

If you prefer to speak directly with our team call us on +44 (0)1296 768727 or ask for a call via with any support query.


Some of the most commonly asked questions and use case scenarios are described in our cookbooks :
OCR SDK Cookbook
Autobahn DX Cookbook
Checkpoint Cookbook
PDF Toolkit Cookbook

Video Tutorials

Short videos are available to give you an idea of how our software works:
Autobahn DX
Aquaforest Searchlight
Aquaforest CheckPoint

Aquaforest Blog

The Aquaforest Blog has many information articles with tip, tricks and advice on how to get the best out of our products.

Code Samples

Sample code is included with our SDKs as well as online and in the cookbooks. If what you need isn’t there let us know and we will try to help.
OCR SDK Samples
PDF Toolkit Samples

Historical Versions

If for any reason you need to download an older version of one of our products or review the release notes or documentation. No problem, a full history is available.

Estimating Throughput

Estimating how long your backlog of 500,000 documents may take to convert isn’t easy. Let us know the types of documents, number of pages and available hardware and we can provide an estimate. A useful blog article is also available.

SMC Certificate

Licensed customers receive an official Support & Maintenance Cover (SMC) Certificate that details the specific benefits available.
A sample certificate is available here


Our team is able to offer advice on the best product configuration and hardware to achieve your performance goals. Just let us know what your throughput requirements are and we will help.