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.NET SDK and Command Line Tools for Manipulating PDF

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Aquaforest PDF Toolkit Samples

Below is a list of samples included in the Toolkit. All the samples listed below are also available in the cookbook in PDF format.


  1. The sample applications may need updating to reflect installation location of the PDF Toolkit before they can be built and used.
  2. The solutions provided are all created using Visual Studio 2008 and conversion to Visual Studio 2010 is handled automatically by that IDE. Conversion to Visual Studio 2005 is also possible, in this case you must ensure that version 3.5 of the .NET Framework is installed on your system then simply copy the classes/forms into a new project and add the missing references.

Extract text from PDF
Use the PDF Toolkit with Aquaforest's OCR SDK
Split PDF
Merge PDF
Create a PDF document
Apply stamps to PDF files
Convert an image file to PDF
Extract images from PDF
Overlay a PDF
Set PDF security
Get and Set XMP metadata
Convert a CSV file to PDF
Add Annotations to PDF
Insert and Extract PDF Attachments
Get and Set PDF Bookmarks
Get and Set PDF Metadata
Convert Office Documents to PDF
Set and Get PDF Viewer Preferences
Convert and Validate PDF/A Complaint files