PDF Toolkit


Add stamps to PDF

Apply various types of stamp / watermark to PDF files.

The PDFStamper provides different types of stamping methods namely:

  • StampPDFText - Stamp in the output PDF will be in image format
  • StampTextAsString - Stamp in the output PDF will be in text format
  • StampPageNumber - Add a number to each page starting from a particular number and incrementing by 1 for each page
  • StampPageNumberBates - Stamp each page with a bate number
  • StampVariable - Stamp each page with one of the stamp variables provided in the PDF Toolkit

This Code sample requires the PDF Toolkit and is found in: C:\Aquaforest\PDF Toolkit\samples\StampPDF

using Aquaforest.PDF;
using System.Drawing;
namespace StampPDF
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(@"..\..\..\documents\source\releasenotes.pdf");
            PDFStamper stamper = new PDFStamper(doc, @"..\..\..\documents\output\stamp.pdf");
            stamper.FontSize = 12;
            stamper.StampOpacity = 100;
            stamper.StampColor = Color.Black;
            stamper.StampPDFText("This is a test stamp", 200, 200);