Development Licenses

Each developer building applications requires a Developer License. Please note that each Aquaforest OCR SDK Bundle purchase includes one developer license and one server runtime license. Additional developer licenses can be purchased for multiple developers and significant discounts are available - please contact for details.

Additional Server Runtime Licenses

In most cases all that is required is the purchase of a single developer license bundle which includes a server runtime license. However, if additional runtime servers are required then each requires a runtime license. A Server is defined as a physical or virtual machine that is used for automated unattended processing or to provide services to multiple end users.

Desktop Runtime Licenses

For use within a single organization, the purchase of a development license bundle allows deployment to an unlimited number of desktops*. Please contact if you have additional requirements.

"Desktop" is defined as an "end-user" personal computer that may have Applications installed that utilize the Software. The Applications must NOT support unattended document processing. No more than 10 page images may be processed without requiring human intervention.

*For Aquaforest OCR only if you require Desktop Runtime Licensing for the Extended OCR please contact

Unlimited Runtime Licenses

In cases where the OCR SDK is being used as a component within a business application that will be sold to multiple end customers then the Unlimited License Bundle may be the most suitable license. This allows and unlimited number of Developers & Runtimes for one business application.

Additional cost | Included
Edition Comparison Basic Standard Advanced Extended
OCR from bitmap or TIFF
Image Pre-Processing and Auto-Rotation
Support for 23 Languages
.NET Programmatic and Zonal access to OCR results
RTF and TXT output
1 Thread
Blank Page Removal
PDF Merging
Barcode Decoding
PDF Input (OCR PDF)  
Searchable PDF Output  
2 Threads  
Stamps on PDF Output    
Unlimited Threads    
Advanced MRC and JBIG2 Compressed PDF Output    
Advanced Pre-processing (Optimized OCR)    
PDF Toolkit License Included    
Support for 129 Languages      
Support for multiple languages within a single document from the same character set      
Asian Language Support (Optional add-on)      
Arabic Language Support (Optional add-on)      
Hebrew Language Support (Optional add-on)      
Intelligent High Quality Compression (Optional add-on)      
Multiple document output formats:
Multiple PDF version output support      
Confidence score support