Aquaforest: Making Content Findable

In the 21st Century, you’d expect digital search technologies to enhance your ability to easily search documents, to ensure compliance with business and legal requirements.

In reality, the complete opposite seems to be true.

It’s a sad fact that, like many other organizations, you probably find yourself drowning under a tsunami of documents. And it’s overwhelming your business, effecting productivity and increasing your risk of non-compliance.

You’ll undoubtedly find yourself struggling to find specific content. Typically, organisations find when searching for the content they want, they get zero results or an overwhelmingly long list. This adds to your feelings of ‘content chaos’.

If you’re able to recover the document you require, very often finding precise information within it can be a laborious process.

Fast forward to an ideal scenario where all content is easily discoverable, because it’s text-searchable, tagged, indexed and organized via metadata and smart analytics.

With our products, this is already a reality.

We believe all digital content management systems should have the ability to enhance content visibility and therefore retrievability.