Aquaforest Autobahn DX

Extended OCR Module for Autobahn DX.

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Extended OCR Module for Autobahn DX

The Extended OCR Module for Autobahn DX adds the IRIS OCR engine as an alternative to the standard Aquaforest engine. This has a number of benefits as shown below :

Enhanced OCR Output

The IRIS engine has enhanced recognition capabilities and is able to produce improved RTF output formatting .

Fully Integrated with Autobahn DX Job Manager and CLI

Three additional Job Steps are provided in Job Manager (Extended Convert TIFF to PDF, Extended OCR Image PDF and Extended Merge TIFF to PDF). The command line interface has been extended to support the Extended OCR Module.

The module is included as part of the trial download and it's functionality can be enabled by entering EXTENDEDOCRTRIAL as the license key. The trial download email and documentation provides further information.

Additional Output Formats

New output formats are available including DOCX, CSV and SpreadsheetML.

Asian Language Support

Optional support is available for Japanese, Korean and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional).

Additional Language Support

The extended OCR module increases the number of languages supported by Autobahn DX from 23 to over 100. Additional languages include Greek and Finnish.

Multi-Language OCR Recognition

The extended OCR module allows specification of multiple languages to enable recognition of several languages in a single document. This is also convenient when processing folders of documents where for example there is a mix of languages such as Italian, German and French as there is no need to split the documents into separate folder according to language.